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9.03 My First Car - Spreadsheet

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  • You will be using the Internet to compare two different vehicles. You will then determine payments on these vehicles using Microsoft Excel. You will finish the lesson by writing a letter describing your findings.

    1. Research on the Internet two vehicles: one new and one used.  They do not need to be the same vehicle. 
    2. Make a list of all of the oF all options each car has.
    3. Open Microsoft Excel to input the two prices for their vehicles and the bank loan information.
    4. Calculate the monthly payments and yearly payments for the vehicles based on the loan time and percentage given by the teacher.  Interest Rate 8%   Loan Time Period is 5 years.

    Attached you will find a .pdf file with some additional help on setting up and formatting your spreadsheet. You will turn in your letter on the next page.