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Spreadsheet Vocabulary

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  • 01-vocab-foto-webs2_5713c6910d297.pngA spreadsheet is a document that is divided into rows and columns to record things like inventory, income or expenses, or scientific data. 

    They are specifically designed to ease the management of numbers and calculations. Below is your list of vocabulary words for spreadsheets. Return to Quizlet, and create a new set of flashcards. Remember to use the word, definition, and an image whenever possible. You will be sharing your flashcards on the next page.

    • Active Cell - the celll you are currently working in
    • Auto Sum - formula that will add up a column of numbers ∑
    • Cell Reference - The column number and the row letter of a cell
    • Cell - Each individual box on the spreadsheet
    • Column - the vertical reference on the spreadsheet, labeled with letters
    • Formula - calculates a vale, starts with an "=" sign
    • Graph (or Chart) - visual representation of data
    • Gridlines - Lines between cells, rows and columns
    • Row - the horizontal reference on the spreadsheet, labeled with numbers
    • Sort - to put data in order alphabetically or numerically
    • Spreadsheet - a table used to organize and calculate numeric data
    • Value - a number that can be entered into a cell
    • Workbook - many worksheets
    • Worksheet - one page of a spreadsheet