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6.03 Resume Part 2 - Content

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  • Once you have completed Part 1 of the Resume assignment you will have an outline form of your resume to work with.

    In Part 2 of the resume assignment, you will expand the outline of items to be included in your resume into a fully written and formatted resume. 

    The text you produce should have all of the information you want in your final document. Again don't worry about format at this point, so don't worry about font choices or page layout, you are still focusing on the content.

    Your resume must be written in a style appropriate for a resume. Resume writing style is different from normal writing. It has to communicate very crisply and succinctly who you are and what you have done. Here are some guidelines for composing your resume:

    1. Use bullet points with phrases
    2. No complete sentences
    3. Most important items first
    4. Use positive language
    5. Use action verbs - attached is a list you can use to help with this
    6. No pronouns (“I” or “me”)

    Check your writing for correct spelling and grammar; use the tools in in your word processor to do this. Once Part 2 of your Resume is approved you can move on to Part 3 - Formatting.