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6.02 Resume Part 1 - Outline

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  • In Part A of this assignment, you are to create a list of categories of information you wish to include on your resume. You will also fill in the details of each category, listing all items in that category. You will not be concerned with the design of your resume in this part, only the contents. This should be done in outline form.

    For example, on my resume, I have the following categories: For a high school student, I suggest that all of the following categories are possible:
    • Contact Information
    • Summary / Profile
    • Work Experience
    • Education
    • Activities
    • Personal Info
    • Contact Information
    • Objective / Goal
    • Personal Profile
    • Education
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Work Experience
    • Skills
    • References

    Take a look at the attached example of an outline form of a resume, before you begin. Then select from the list of categories listed above (or add your own) the ones you want to include on your resume. Then, for each category, list all the items that you will display in this category.

    This may sound simple, but it will require a lot of thought. You need to consider the goals you have in using this resume.