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5.04 Using Tables in a Report

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  • For this assignment, you are going to continue working on the theme of your dream job and learn or practice making tables in Word.

    Your task is to research available post-secondary (after high school) training or college programs in the State of Colorado that will help you reach your goal or dream job. You will prepare a report using Word that summarizes what you found. Here is how to do it.

    There is some information on the State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment site. The Career Help page is a good place to start, with links to other pages for research. 

    Choose at least three fields to research for yourself. These can be related to each other because you're not sure exactly what you might want to do, or they could be very different.

    Now go to the Training page, to discover what programs are available for each field.


    Create a report in your word processor to summarize all of the training programs that you found. Follow the format in this sample report, but replace all of the information with what your research turned up. Be sure that the information about you and the course at the top appears in a header at the top of every page. Also be sure that page numbers appear in the footer of each page.

    The main task is to create a table in the body of the report for each professional field, and to copy the information you find on the website into the table. I will show you how to create a table in Word if you don’t know how.