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Word Processing Vocabulary

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    Use Quizlet to create a set of flashcards to help you learn these vocabulary words. You can use the words, definitions and images to create your set of flashcards. On the next page you will share a link to your set. 

    • Access keys: A tool that replaces some keyboard shortcut from earlier versions of Microsoft and appears as small square labels.
    • AutoComplete: A command that automatically completes text, such as the current date, day of the week and month.
    • Backstage view: A tool that offers quick access to commands for performing many file management tasks all displayed in a single navigation pane that can be customized to meet user’s needs.
    • Dialog box: A box that displays additional options or information you can use to execute commands.
    • Dialog box launcher: A small arrow in the lower-right corner of the group.
    • Groups: Collections of related Word commands.
    • I-Beam: The large “I” created when users place the cursor near the insertion point.
    • Insertion point: The blinking point at the upper-left side of the document where you will begin creating your text.
    • KeyTips: A tool that replaces some keyboard shortcuts from earlier versions of Microsoft.
    • Menu: A list of options.
    • Mini toolbar: A small toolbar with popular commands that appears when you point to selected text.
    • Nonprinting characters: Symbols for certain formatting commands that can help users create and edit documents.
    • Preview: A tool that enables users to visually check your document for errors before printing.
    • Print: To send a document to a printer.
    • Quick access toolbar: A toolbar that contains commands that users use more often, such as Save, Undo, and Redo.
    • Ribbons: A tool that is divided into eight tabs that contain groups.
    • Save: A button in the Quick Access Toolbar that saves an existing document.
    • Save As: A dialog box that will save a document in a specific format.
    • ScreenTip: A tool that provides more information about commands.
    • Settings: An option that enables users to set document properties.
    • Shortcut menu: A menu that contains a list of useful commands.
    • Tabs: Eight areas of activity on the Ribbon that contain groups or collections of related Word commands.
    • Template: Master document that has predefined page layout, fonts, margins, and styles and is used to create new documents that will share the same basic formatting.
    • Undo: A command that allows users to cancel or undo their last command or action.
    • White space: A space between pages in a document.
    • Word Wrap: A tool that automatically wraps text to the next line as it reaches the right margin.