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4.03 Dream Job Essay

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  • What is Your Dream Job, Ten Years From Now?

    Write a mini-essay or personal statement that describes what your dream job would be, ten years from now.

    This essay should be approximately one page long. You will use Microsoft Word (or an alternative word processor) and practice basic formatting of paragraphs, fonts, margins, and page layouts.

    Think about what this job would be, why you would like to do it, and how you will achieve this goal. To help you organize your thinking, you should also take a personal inventory of the skills, talents, and interests you currently have that are relevant to your dream job.

    Then think about what you need to learn or do in order to become the person you want to be in your dream job.

    The charts below may be useful to visualize these concepts:


    Use a table like this one to help you organize your thoughts about your dream job:


    Use a table like this to organize your thoughts on how you will reach that dream job: 


    To begin the essay, I suggest you make lists in the boxes above of items that answer the questions. Then you can begin to formulate the essay, or personal statement, from this information.

    For this assignment, you may choose whatever fonts and layouts you think are appropriate for your taste and style. Future assignments will have more precise requirements to allow you to practice using many features of Word.