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2.01 Internet Vocabulary

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  • 2.01 Internet Vocabulary<p><img src="$IMS-CC-FILEBASE$../resources/01-vocab-foto-webs2_5713c5c778716.png" style="display: block; margin-left: NaNpx; margin-right: NaNpx; float: right;" id="" title="" /></p> <p><span style="font-size: 16px;">There are a lot of words we could put on an Internet Vocabulary list. Each of you needs to identify 10 words, you're unfamiliar with and find the definition for those words. Then share your list here. You will not be able see any other posts until you post.</span></p> <p><span style="font-size: 16px;">Once you've posted your 10 words and their definitions, then look at the lists your peers submitted, what words did they include you hadn't thought about? Create a new list of 15-20 words and go to Quizlet and create a new vocabulary set. You will be sharing that set on the next page.</span></p>