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LMS Research Part 1

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    Schoology is a LMS, or Learning Management System.  I wanted to start with some basic research on these systems. Go to the wiki for LMS's, read it (not all if, just take away from it what you need):

    1. Do a web search, find 2 articles on the web comparing different LMS systems (Schoology, Blackboard, Moodle, etc.), read them, and put the links to the articles in your paper. 
      Possible search terms: LMS ratings, Comparing ed (or education) software, Is Blackboard better than Schoology? 
      etc. etc. etc.

    2. Do a PEA paragraph on the articles(b), PEA instructions are attached at the bottom of the page in a pdf file for download.  

    For an advanced

    1. Find 4 articles on the web, read them, paste the urls in your paper.
    2. Do at least two paragraphs using PEA.
    3. Rate the articles on a 5 point scale (1=bad,5=awesome) for Points, for Evidence, and for Analysis that the article authors use.

    You will be turning this in at the beginning of Week 2.