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15.02 Trip Through the Digestive System

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  • Complete one of the writing tasks below. 

    Role Audience Format Topic
    A goldfish that has been swallowed alive! Other goldfish back at the pet store Write a story describing your trip

    Your trip through the digestive system. Include the following:

    • Organs you traveled through (in order)
    • Functions of the organs you traveled through
    • What happened to you in each organ
    • Your favorite and least favorite locations
    A piece of food  The plant or animal you originated from Write a letter to the plant or animal you originated from

    Include the following 

    • What type of food you are (this will change your course)
    • What happens to you in each part of the digestive system
    • What you are broken down into
    • Where you travel after you're broken down - how you get there, and if that is where you're stored
    • Where mechanical and chemical digestion occurred
    A doctor trying to figure out a patient's digestive tissue Yourself Notes to yourself in a Journal or a Diary

    Include the following: 

    • Symptoms, tests, and treatments for five different digestive diseases or disorders 
      • each disease/disorder must affect a different digestive organ
    • Works cited page - this option requires research so include your sources