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12.05 Week 12 Quiz

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    cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Unlike the parts of the nervous system, the endocrine system's partswork independently of one another.are physically disconnected.control many processes.communicate with each other.2100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Something that causes your nervous system or endocrine system to produce a response is called areceptor.change.message.stimulus.8100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Which system transmits the message that you have a pebble in your shoe?peripheral nervous systemendocrine systemcentral nervous systemskeletal system9100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Which of the following describes how an action potential moves down an axon?Muscles contract and expand the membrane.Vesicles release and absorb neurotransmitters.Ion channels' gates open and close.Interneurons receive and relay signals.15100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1What happens when an action potential reaches the axon terminal?Vesicles release chemicals into the synapse.The impulse changes its charge in the synapse.Neurotransmitters are broken down in the synapse.Na+ and K+ ions rush into the synapse.17100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Which phrase best describes a neurotransmitter?A neurotransmitter acts within a neuron.A neurotransmitter cannot break down.A neurotransmitter is a chemical signal.A neurotransmitter uses a sodium-potassium pump.23100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Cells in the eye that contribute to black-and-white vision arecones.rods.irises.lenses.26100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1How do the receptors in sensory organs help the body maintain homeostasis?by dissolving airborne chemicalsby interpreting visual informationby gathering information from the environmentby activating muscles in the organs31100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Which nervous system uses interneurons that interact with other nerves in the body?the central nervous systemthe peripheral nervous systemthe autonomic nervous systemthe somatic nervous system33100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Why does a reflex arc result in a very quick response?because the brain senses dangerbecause the reflex is involuntarybecause the motor neuron responds faster than any otherbecause the impulse does not travel to the brain40100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1The parasympathetic nervous system is activated when youhear a telephone ring.lift a a race.sit thinking.44100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1The endocrine system uses chemical signals calledtarget cells.hormones.glands.neurons.46100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Hormones are released into the bloodstream bytarget cells.endocrine glands.protein receptors.enzymes.50100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1Which of the following acts as a part of both the nervous and the endocrine systems?the hypothalamusthe thymusthe pancreasthe myelin sheath53100cc_profilecc.essay.v0p1qmd_computerscoredNo<p>What are the main functions of the spinal cord?</p>100cc_profilecc.essay.v0p1qmd_computerscoredNo<p>What are the main differences between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system?</p>100cc_profilecc.essay.v0p1qmd_computerscoredNo<p>How is hormone production and release primarily controlled?</p>100