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9.03 Comparative Anatomy

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  • In this assignment you will compare and contrast the characteristics of the nine phyla (listed below) using the 5 organ systems listed below.

    Phyla  Organ Systems 
    • Porifera
    • Cnidaria
    • Platyhelminthes
    • Nematoda
    • Mollusca
    • Annelida
    • Arthropoda
    • Echinodermata
    • Chordata
    • Circulatory
    • Digestive
    • Reproductive
    • Skeletal
    • Respiratory

    Select an organism from each Phyla to use (this means you'll choose 9 organisms). Then research how each organism you have selected performs the functions of the organ systems listed. You will use a chart to summarize your findings. 

    • Use the Internet or library resources to to select a representative organism from each phyla. 
    • Find out how the body systems listed function for each of your organisms. (Example: How does it reproduce? How does it obtain food?)
    • Use common and scientific names for all organisms
    • Use a chart (table) that is clearly labeled to present your findings. 

    Use the submit button to turn in your completed work.