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    Reptiles are tetrapods. Limbless reptiles—snakes and other squamates—have vestigial limbs and, like caecilians, are classified as tetrapods because they are descended from four-limbed ancestors. Oviparous reptiles lay eggs enclosed in shells on land. Viviparous reptiles hold the eggs inside their body and give birth to live offspring. Even aquatic reptiles return to the land to lay eggs. They usually reproduce sexually with internal fertilization. 

    Complete the tasks on the list below:


    • Go to this page, read the entire page (the first bit may be review about amniotes)
    • The QR codes on the page that link to the following, be sure to take the time to visit each link below, or use the QR codes on the page.
    • Use the Glossary at the bottom of the page to help with the vocabulary for this week
    • Use the Review Questions and Free Response questions to check for understanding


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