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5.03 Flower Dissection

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  • Materials:

    • flower
    • colored pencils
    • tweezers
    • magnifying glass (optional)


    1. Locate the outermost layer of flower parts. These are the sepals. Draw and label the sepals to begin your flower diagram. 
    2. Carefully remove the sepals.
    3. Petals form the next layer of flower parts. Draw and label the petals in your drawing. 
    4. Carefully remove each petal.
    5. Stamens - the male flower parts should now be exposed. Add the stamens to your drawing and label them. 
    6. Carefully remove the stamens.
    7. Only the female flower parts should remain. Add the pistil to your drawing. Label the pistil, stigma, style, and ovary

    Analysis Questions:

    1. Write the function of the following structures next to their labels in your drawing: 
      • sepals
      • petals
      • anther
      • filament
      • stigma
      • style
      • ovary
    2. Do flowers usually contain more stamen or pistils? Support your answer.
    3. What does the position of the anthers relative to the position of the stigmas suggest about how this flower is pollinated?

    Websites that might help with your functions and plant parts:

    Use the submit button to turn in your drawing and the answers to the questions.