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Fungus-like Protists

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  • Fungus-like protists share many features with fungi. They are heterotrophs, and have cell walls and reproduce by forming spores. Most fungus-like protists do not move. 

    Slime molds have both fungus-like and animal-like traits. They function as decomposers (like fungi) and can move (like animals). Slime molds are often bright in color, they are common on the underside of logs and on dead leaves. There are two types of slime molds - plasmodial are giant cells with many nuclei, and cellular that are independent cells. 

    The BBC video Mould Time-lapse is worth watching. 


    Water molds live in water or very moist soil. They can be parasites of plants or animals. A water mold is responsible for the Irish potato famine. Water molds are made of branding strands of cells.