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    Translation is the process that converts the mRNA into amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. 

    Start by taking a look at this Snapshot of Translation.  

    In our language words have different lengths because they each contain a different number of letters. In the genetic code, all words or codons contain three letters. 

    Go to the DNA from the Beginning page, DNA words are three letters long. Read and take notes on the information on the Concept tab. Then click on the Animation tab, and use the next arrow at the bottom of the animation to read about the work that led to the discovery of the genetic code table. Then go to the Problem tab, and test yourself on reading/using the Genetic Code table. You can read more on the Genetic Code page

    Anticodons are a set of three nucleotides that complement an mRNA codon. These are carried by tRNA. Remember from your study of cells that protein synthesis takes place in the ribosomes.  Watch this video clip on Protein Synthesis to look at the entire process.