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6.04 Design Your Own - Fermentation Lab

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  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a waste product of alcoholic fermentation. In this lab you will determine which beverage causes yeast to undergo a higher rate of fermentation.

    Problem: What factors affect the rate of fermentation in yeast?

    Probable Materials Needed: 3 empty water bottles, 1-2 package of yeast, 2 beverages, water, 3 balloons, 30 cm of string, metric ruler


    1. Develop a technique using balloons and water bottles to measure fermentation rate.
    2. Design your experiment. 
    3. Conduct your experiment - collecting data
    4. Construct a data table to record your data. Construct a graph to display your data.

    Analysis & Conclusion

    1. Identify the following: independent variable, dependent variable, constant, control
    2. How did the independent variable affect the rate of fermentation? Why?
    3. Identify possible reasons for inconsistent result. How could you have designed a better investigation?