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4.04 Help Wanted!

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  • In many ways, a cell is like a factory or manufacturing plant. The employees of a factory work to create specific products and maintain the factory's viability, just as the organelles of a cell work to meet its varied needs. Biochemical, growth, and reproductive functions must be fulfilled if the cells, and the organism as a whole, are to survive.

    In the workplace, the responsibilities and roles of each employee are specified in a formal document, called a job description.

    You will begin by writing a job description regarding the function of one of a cell's organelles as well as a help wanted advertisement.

    • Identify and determine the function of a cell’s organelle. Be sure to collect all of the information needed to write a job description for 1 (ONE) organelle, as outlined in the next step
    • Write a job description for ONE (1) organelle, using the following format: 
      Name of Company Choose a name that reflects the functions of cells. Be creative
      Job Title Name of the organelle and/or a title that reflects its role
      Department What role does the organelle act to fulfill?
      Division What role does the department, as a whole, act to fulfill?
      Scope An overview of the job responsibilities
      Major Responsibilities Key tasks to perform
      Position in Organization To whom does the organelle report? Who reports to, and is supervised by, the organelle?
      Internal Relationships Are there other organelles, within the cell to which this one relates?
      External Relationships Are there other cells, specific tissues,organs, etc, with which this organelle interacts
      Expected Outcomes What are the main products that this organelle makes and/or what functions does it serve?
    • After you complete the "job description" for your organelle, you will need to create a Help Wanted Ad. Here is a sample ad. Can you guess the organelle?

    “Looking for a great opportunity to lead? Do you enjoy making decisions for others? Is guidance your strong point? If so, we are seeking to fill a managerial position. We are in need of a control center for a cell. Must be able to operate a cell. Should have solid experience reading and decoding DNA. Should exhibit strong leadership skills. Benefits include: placement in low-stress arm cells, long life don't die; you just divide and multiply! If interested contact The Body at 817-8WE-CELL.”

    Use the submit button to turn in both parts of this assignment.