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1.4: Workshop Skills Checklist

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  • While the basic principles of editing and creating content on the LibreTexts libraries are limited, there are several skills need to master before creating and curating content. The Construction Guide and Construction Forum are great resources to consult in building these skills:

    A recent Libretexts overview video is available too:

    Activity 1

    • Make (or take) ownership of sandbox in the Workshop area

    Activity 2

    • Make a chapter in your sandbox
    • Make a Section in your sandbox

    Activity 3

    • Rename Page (standard is "number: Title")

    Activity 4

    • Edit page (new or blank page and edit an existing page)
    • Copy/past Existing Text
    • Make hyperlink
    • Add Box via templates
    • Add equation
    • Add video
    • Add table

    Activity 5

    • Transclude (reuse) an existing page

    Activity 6 (Advance)

    • Add interactive component (via transclusion)
    • Add Executable code (e.g. Python, R Sagemath)

    Activity 7

    • Add Copyright to a page

    Activity 8

    • Add Authorbar to a page

    Activity 9

    • Watch a page (little star next to social media buttons)
    • Rate a Page
    • Provide Feedback

    Activity 10

    • Export PDF

    Activity 11 (Remixing)

    Activity 12 (Remixing)

    • Remix that map (either as transclusion or copy-source)

    Activity 13 (Remixing)

    • Move remix to personal sandbox (i.e., take ownership).
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