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    β-pleated sheet, Secondary Structure


    actinide, Glossary
    activated complex, Collision Theory, Glossary
    activation energy, Activation Energy, Glossary
    Active transport, Active Transport
    active transport, Glossary
    addition reaction, Isomers of Alkenes, Glossary
    adenosine triphosphate, ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate
    alcohol, Glossary
    Alcohols, Alcohols
    aldehyde, Glossary
    aliphatic hydrocarbon, Glossary
    aliphatic hydrocarbons, Hydrocarbon Rings
    alkali metal, Glossary
    alkali metals, The Periodic Table
    alkaline earth metal, Glossary
    alkaline earth metals, The Periodic Table
    alkane, Glossary
    Alkanes, Alkanes
    alkene, Glossary
    alkenes, Alkenes
    alkyne, Glossary
    alkynes, Alkynes
    alpha-helix structure (α-helix), Glossary
    amide, Glossary
    amine, Glossary
    amino acid, Glossary
    Amino acids, Amino Acids
    aminoacyl tRNA synthetase, Glossary
    aminoacyl tRNA synthetases, Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetases
    aminopeptidase, Protein, Glossary
    amphiphilic, Phospholipids, Glossary
    anabolic, Glossary
    anion, Glossary
    aquaporin, Glossary
    Aquaporins, Channels
    aromatic hydrocarbon, Glossary


    carbohydrate, Glossary
    Carbohydrates, Molecular Structures
    carboxylic acid, Glossary
    carboxylic acids, Carboxylic Acids and Esters
    carboxypeptidase, Protein, Glossary
    carrier protein, Carrier Proteins, Glossary
    cation, Glossary
    cell theory, Glossary
    Cellulose, Polysaccharides
    cellulose, Glossary
    Celsius (°C), Temperature, Glossary
    central vacuole, The Central Vacuole, Glossary
    chalcogen, Glossary
    chalcogens, The Periodic Table
    channel protein, Glossary
    Channel proteins, Channels
    chaperone, Glossary
    chemical bond, Glossary
    chemical energy, Types of Energy, Glossary
    chemical reaction, Glossary
    chemical reactivity, The Periodic Table, Glossary
    chemoautotroph, Glossary
    chlorophyll, Chloroplasts, Glossary
    Chloroplasts, Chloroplasts
    chromosome, Glossary
    chylomicron, Glossary
    chylomicrons, Lipids
    chymotrypsin, Protein, Glossary
    codon, Glossary
    coenzyme, Glossary
    cofactor, Glossary
    Collision theory, Collision Theory
    collision theory, Glossary
    compound, Glossary
    concentration gradient, Passive Transport, Glossary
    covalent bond, Glossary, Glossary
    covalent compound, Glossary
    cubic centimeter (cm3 or cc), Glossary
    cubic centimeter (cm3), Volume
    cubic meter (m3), Volume, Glossary


    elastase, Protein, Glossary
    electrochemical gradient, Electrochemical Gradient, Glossary
    electrolyte, Glossary
    electrolytes, Ions and Ionic Bonds
    electron, Glossary
    electron configuration, Electron Orbitals, Glossary
    electron microscope, Glossary
    electron microscopes, Electron Microscopes
    electron orbital, Glossary
    electron orbitals, Electron Orbitals
    electron transfer, Ions and Ionic Bonds, Glossary
    element, Glossary
    empirical formula, Chemical Formulas, Glossary
    Enantiomers, Enantiomers
    enantiomers, Glossary
    endergonic, Glossary
    enzyme, Glossary
    essential nutrient, Glossary
    essential nutrients, Essential Nutrients
    ester, Glossary
    ether, Glossary
    Ethers, Ethers
    eukaryotic cell, Glossary
    eukaryotic cells, Eukaryotic Cells
    exergonic, Glossary


    GC-rich box, Glossary
    geometric isomer, Glossary
    Geometric isomers, Isomers
    Glycogen, Polysaccharides
    glycogen, Glossary
    glycolipid, Glossary
    glycolipids, Fluid Mosaic Model
    glycoprotein, Glossary
    glycoproteins, Fluid Mosaic Model
    glycosidic bond, Disaccharides, Glossary
    group, Glossary


    halogen, Glossary
    Heat energy, Activation Energy
    heat energy, Glossary
    heat of vaporization, Water’s Heat of Vaporization
    heat of vaporization of water, Glossary
    heterogeneous mixture, Classifying Matter, Glossary
    heterotroph, Glossary
    homogeneous mixture, Classifying Matter, Glossary
    hormone, Glossary
    hydrocarbon, Glossary
    Hydrocarbons, Hydrocarbons
    hydrogen bonding, Hydrogen Bonding, Glossary
    hydrolysis, Glossary
    hydrolysis reactions, Hydrolysis
    Hydrophobic, Phospholipids
    hypervalent molecule, Glossary
    hypervalent molecules, Hypervalent Molecules


    induced dipole, Dispersion Forces, Glossary
    inert gas, Glossary
    ingestion, Ingestion, Glossary
    inner transition metal, Glossary
    inner transition metals, The Periodic Table
    instantaneous dipole, Dispersion Forces, Glossary
    integral protein, Glossary
    Integral proteins, Proteins
    intermolecular force, Glossary
    intermolecular forces, Intermolecular Forces
    International System of Units, Measurements
    ion-product constant for water (Kw), Brønsted-Lowry Acids and Bases, Glossary
    ionic bond, Glossary, Glossary
    ionic compound, Ionic Compounds, Glossary
    irreversible chemical reaction, Glossary
    isotope, Glossary
    Isotopes, Isotopes


    kelvin (K), Temperature, Glossary
    ketone, Glossary
    kilogram (kg), Mass, Glossary
    kinetic energy, Types of Energy, Glossary


    lactase, Glossary
    lactases, Carbohydrates
    lanthanide, Glossary
    lanthanides, The Periodic Table
    law of conservation of matter, Phases and Classification of Matter, Glossary
    length, Length, Glossary
    Lewis structure, Glossary
    Lewis structures, Lewis Structures
    Lewis symbol, Lewis Symbols, Glossary
    light microscope, Glossary
    light microscopes, Light Microscopes
    light-dependent reaction, Glossary
    light-dependent reactions, The Two Parts of Photosynthesis
    light-independent reaction, Glossary
    light-independent reactions, The Two Parts of Photosynthesis
    lipid, Glossary
    Lipids, Lipids
    liter (L) , Volume, Glossary
    litmus paper, Glossary
    London dispersion force, Dispersion Forces
    lone pair, Glossary
    lone pairs, Lewis Structures
    lysosome, Glossary
    lysosomes, Lysosomes


    main-group element, Glossary
    main-group elements, The Periodic Table
    maltase, Glossary
    maltases, Carbohydrates
    matter, Glossary
    messenger RNA (mRNA), DNA and RNA, Glossary
    metal, Glossary
    metalloid, Glossary
    metalloids, The Periodic Table
    meter (m), Length, Glossary
    microscope, Microscopy, Glossary
    milliliter (mL), Volume, Glossary
    mineral, Glossary
    Mitochondria, Mitochondria
    mitochondria, Glossary
    molecular compound, Glossary
    molecular compounds, Molecular Compounds
    molecular formula, Chemical Formulas, Glossary
    molecular mass, Chemical Formulas
    monatomic ion, Glossary
    monomer, Glossary
    monosaccharide, Glossary
    Monosaccharides, Monosaccharides


    noble gas, Glossary
    nonmetal, Glossary
    nonpolar covalent bond, Glossary
    Nonpolar covalent bonds, Nonpolar Covalent Bonds
    nonsense codon, Glossary
    nuclear envelope, The Nuclear Envelope, Glossary
    nucleic acid, Glossary
    Nucleic acids, Nucleic Acids
    nucleotide, Glossary
    nucleotides, DNA and RNA


    Octamer box, Glossary
    omega fat, Glossary
    orbital, Glossary
    organelle, Glossary
    organelles, Eukaryotic Cells
    organic compound, Glossary
    organic compounds, Hydrocarbons
    organic molecule, Glossary
    organic molecules, Carbon
    Osmolarity, Tonicity
    osmolarity, Glossary
    Osmosis, Osmosis
    osmosis, Glossary
    oxyanion, Glossary


    Passive transport, Passive Transport
    passive transport, Glossary
    peptide bond, Amino Acids, Glossary
    period, Glossary
    peripheral protein, Glossary
    Peripheral proteins, Proteins
    peroxisome, Glossary
    Peroxisomes, Peroxisomes
    pH paper, Glossary
    phosphoanhydride bond, Glossary
    phosphoanhydride bonds, ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate
    phosphodiester, DNA and RNA, Glossary
    phospholipid, Glossary
    Phospholipids, Phospholipids
    photoautotroph, Glossary
    plasma membrane, The Plasma Membrane, Glossary
    pnictogen, Glossary
    pnictogens, The Periodic Table
    polarizability, Dispersion Forces, Glossary
    polyatomic ion, Glossary
    polymer, Glossary
    polynucleotide, DNA and RNA, Glossary
    polypeptide, Glossary
    polysaccharide, Polysaccharides, Glossary
    polysome, Ribosomes, Glossary
    potential energy, Types of Energy, Glossary
    Primary active transport, Moving Against a Gradient
    primary active transport, Glossary
    primary structure, Primary Structure, Glossary
    product, Glossary
    protein, Glossary
    Proteins, Proteins
    pump, Glossary
    pure substance, Classifying Matter, Glossary
    purine, Glossary
    purines, DNA and RNA
    pyrimidine, Glossary
    pyrimidines, DNA and RNA


    quaternary structure, Quaternary Structure, Glossary


    radioisotope, Glossary
    radioisotopes, Isotopes
    reactant, Glossary
    representative element, Glossary
    representative elements, The Periodic Table
    reversible chemical reaction, Glossary
    Reversible reactions, Chemical Reactions and Molecules
    ribonucleic acid (RNA), DNA and RNA, Glossary
    Ribosomal RNA (rRNA), RNA
    ribosomal RNA (rRNA), Glossary
    ribosome, Glossary
    Ribosomes, Ribosomes


    saturated fatty acid, Fats and Oils, Glossary
    saturated hydrocarbon, Glossary
    saturated hydrocarbons, Alkanes
    second (s), Time, Glossary
    Secondary active transport, Moving Against a Gradient
    secondary active transport, Glossary
    secondary structure, Secondary Structure, Glossary
    selectively permeable, Passive Transport, Glossary
    Shine-Dalgarno sequence, Initiation of Translation, Glossary
    SI Units, Measurements
    SI units (International System of Units), Glossary
    skeletal structure, Alkanes, Glossary
    small nuclear RNA, Glossary
    spatial isomers, Chemical Formulas, Glossary
    specific heat capacity, Water’s High Heat Capacity, Glossary
    steroid, Glossary
    steroids, Steroids
    stoma, Glossary
    structural formula, Chemical Formulas, Glossary
    structural isomer, Glossary
    structural isomers, Chemical Formulas, Glossary
    Structural isomers, Isomers
    substituent, Glossary
    substituted hydrocarbon, Glossary
    substituted hydrocarbons, Functional Groups
    substrate, Glossary
    sucrase, Glossary
    sucrases, Carbohydrates


    tertiary structure, Tertiary Structure, Glossary
    thylakoid, Glossary
    Tonicity, Tonicity
    tonicity, Glossary
    transcription, RNA, Glossary
    Transfer RNA (tRNA), RNA
    transfer RNA (tRNA), Glossary
    transition metal, Glossary
    transition metals, The Periodic Table
    translation, RNA, Glossary
    transport protein, Glossary
    transport proteins, Channels
    transporter, Glossary
    triacylglycerol (also, triglyceride), Glossary
    triacylglycerols, Fats and Oils
    triglycerides, Fats and Oils
    trypsin, Protein, Glossary


    unified cell theory, Cell Theory, Glossary
    unit, Glossary
    unsaturated, Fats and Oils
    unsaturated fatty acid, Glossary


    vacuole, Glossary
    van der Waals force, Glossary
    van der Waals forces, Forces between Molecules
    van der Waals interaction, Glossary
    vesicle, Glossary
    vitamin, Glossary
    Volume, Volume
    volume, Glossary