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2.1: Creating a New Page

  • Page ID
  • Choose your new page template

    1. On the black toolbar, click New.
    2. Select one of the following page default templates (appropriate to the current position in the hierarchy) or choose one of your own templates:

    New page dialogue - under guide.png

    The Add new page dialog may present page types that do not conform with proper site structure. Be sure to select only page types appropriate to the current position in the hierarchy.  Contact Support if you would like MindTouch to present only structure-appropriate article types in the Add new page dialog.

    1. Depending on whether you want to create the page live or as a draft, select either the Create live or Create draft radio button. (You will be able to publish the draft to your live site later.)
    2. Click Create.

    Advanced: Page Hierarchy

    Libretexts libraries follow a specialize site structure that is optimized for users. Each page is classified as either Category, Guide or Topic (other exist, but not use on the Lirbetexts). Model organizations can be found here, but the similar organization is below:


    Add content to your new page

    1. Title your page. 
    2. Replace any instructional text with your content.

    Both the DekiScript code at the top of the page, and any references to article type tags (such as the line "Tags recommended by the template…") determine how the page behaves. If you see these lines on newly created pages, do not remove them.

    1. If applicable, add imagesvideos or tables to enhance your content.
    2. Click Save.