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8.9.1: Practice Gas Stoichiometry

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  • Exercise \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    If you reacted 14.7 g of Zn in the following reaction, what volume of H2 gas, measured at STP, would be produced?

    Zn (s) + 2 HCl (aq) --> ZnCl2 (aq) + H2 (g)


    5.04 L. (0.225 moles)

    Exercise \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    What mass of O2 gas is contained in a 3.85 L container at STP?.


    5.50 g. (0.172 moles)

    Exercise \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    How many liters of H2 gas, measured at STP, is needed to produce 85.0 g of NH3?

    3 H2 (g) + N2 (g) --> 2 NH3 (g)


    168 L. (7.48 moles)



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