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12.4: Fundamental Physical Constants

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    atomic mass unit (amu) 1.6605402 \times {10}^{-27}\text{kg}
    Avogadro’s number 6.0221367 \times {10}^{23}{\text{mol}}^{-1}
    Boltzmann’s constant (k) 1.380658 \times {10}^{-23}\text{J}{\text{K}}^{-1}
    charge-to-mass ratio for electron (e/me) 1.75881962 \times {10}^{11}\text{C}{\text{kg}}^{-1}
    electron charge (e) 1.60217733 \times {10}^{-19}\text{C}
    electron rest mass (me) 9.1093897 \times {10}^{-31}\text{kg}
    Faraday’s constant (F) 9.6485309 \times {10}^{4}{\text{C mol}}^{-1}
    gas constant (R) 8.205784 \times {10}^{-2}\text{L atm mol}^{-1}{\text{K}}^{-1}=8.314510\text{J}{\text{mol}}^{-1}{\text{K}}^{-1}
    molar volume of an ideal gas, 1 atm, 0 °C 22.41409 L mol–1
    molar volume of an ideal gas, 1 bar, 0 °C 22.71108 L mol–1
    neutron rest mass (mn) 1.6749274 \times {10}^{-27}\text{kg}
    Planck’s constant (h) 6.6260755 \times {10}^{-34}\text{J}\text{s}
    proton rest mass (mp) 1.6726231 \times {10}^{-27}\text{kg}
    Rydberg constant (R) 1.0973731534 \times {10}^{7}{\text{m}}^{-1}=2.1798736 \times {10}^{-18}\text{J}
    speed of light (in vacuum) (c) 2.99792458 \times {10}^{8}\text{m}{\text{s}}^{-1}


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