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9.1: First Year Student Seminar Blog

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    We want you to have a successful first semester. Whether you are just out of high school or have been away from school for a number of years, the First Year Student Seminar course is designed to introduce you to various aspects of student life. Blogging your College Seminar course gives you time to reflect on what you have learned. There are six modules in the course, and you are required to complete at least one blog entry for each module. Each module’s blog entry must have a minimum of 300 words. The word count is provided in the lower right corner of the blog entry textbox. Please use complete sentences, correct grammar, capitalization, and spelling. Your blog can be read by all students in the course. You are not required to comment on other students’ blog entries, but you may if you wish to do so. Your blog grade for each module is based on your own blog entry, not on your comments to other students’ blogs.

    • You can then edit your blog post (if necessary) by scrolling down (under the blog directions). You will see your blog post with the title Module 1. To the right of the title, you will see a chevron (a circle with a check mark in it). Click the chevron and select Edit. When finished editing, click the Post Entry button.
    • Your blog entries for Modules 2 through 6 will consist of personal reflections on the individual stories you will read in each module. To help you organize your thoughts, consider the following questions: What information do you find useful from the module? What are the areas you need to work on? What are your areas of strength and your areas of weakness? What plan have you developed to use some of the information you have been given? How do you relate to the articles you have read?

      You need to create a new blog entry for each module. Therefore, when you are ready for Module 2, click the Create Blog Entry button and enter the title Module 2. You will need to follow the same process for your blog entry for each module.

    CC licensed content, Original
    • First Year Student Seminar Blog. Authored by: Nora Dusseault and Annette Yauney. Provided by: Herkimer College/SUNY. Project: First Year Student Seminar Course for Achieving the Dream Grant. License: CC BY: Attribution

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