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3.1: Module 1 Discussion — Introduce Yourself!

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    Please introduce yourself to the class. Don’t hold back or be shy, and remember to NOT fill it with purely academic information. Part of the learning in the online world is being able to get to know each other through our personal lives and activities. There is no right or wrong way to write this — it is your bio! Note: Please do use proper netiquette when posting anything within our course. That means, not using texting slang, all caps, emoticons. Always be polite and courteous in all course communications.

    To post your bio Click on the title above.
    Click on “Create Thread” button. Enter your bio and click “Submit.”
    If you’d like, you can also post a picture of yourself.

    In order to earn full credit for your participation in this discussion forum, you must post your introduction and reply to at least three other students’ introductions.

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