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7.0 Introduction

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  • Objective

    After completing this section, you should be able to give an example of a naturally occurring compound that contains at least one double bond.

    Key Terms

    Make certain that you can define, and use in context, the key term below.

    • olefin

    Study Notes

    Alkenes are a class of hydrocarbons (i.e., containing only carbon and hydrogen). They are unsaturated compounds with at least one carbon-to-carbon double bond. The double bond makes Alkenes more reactive than alkanes. Olefin is another term used to describe alkenes.

    The graphic (structure 7-0) shows three alkenes. The more complex alkene is commonly known as 1-methene, but its full proper IUPAC name is 1-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)-cyclohexene.

    three sample alkene structures