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Statement: Peter Bredon

Statement of Peter Andrew Bredon, taken 12:30 pm, June 4, 1999, at the Oberlin Police Station.

Mr. Bredon, would you care to identify the packet of white powder left in your minivan?

No. I know nothing about it.

Are you sure?

I am not going to discuss it.

Well, then, perhaps you could tell us how your windshield came to be broken this morning.

I hit a tree branch as I drove down a very overgrown road. The branch was larger than I expected; the leaves obscured the size.

When and where did this accident occur?

Late yesterday afternoon at a local park.

Why didn't you bring your vehicle in yesterday, then?

I had already scheduled this appointment when the accident occurred. It was also quite late in the afternoon, and I was sure they would not have room for my car in their schedule.

What did you do after the accident?

I drove home and stayed there all evening. My windshield was broken: I was hardly going to start driving cross-country.

Were you planning on leaving the area, Mr. Bredon?

No, I was not planning on leaving the area. That was meant for sarcasm. I did not want to drive because the windshield was broken. I stayed at home and did yard work until sundown. Then I went inside and watched a movie on television. Then I went to bed. This morning I brought my car in for a previously scheduled appointment and found myself taken by the police for questioning in some mysterious matter, after my car was searched without my permission. I am currently missing a lunch meeting, and the cat I have owned for twelve years died this morning. I have had significantly better days in my life, and my temper is quickly fraying. Is there anything else?

I'm sorry about your cat, Mr. Bredon. We would like to know if you ever met a seventeen-year-old girl named Rebecca Ferris. Her family lives down the street from you.

The name Ferris is not familiar to me, but there is a girl named Rebecca who lives nearby. She babysat for my next-door neighbors a few times. Perhaps that's who you mean.

Did you see her at any time yesterday?

I do not remember seeing her.