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Statement: Bradley Kimmer

Statement of Bradley Francis Kimmer, taken at the Oberlin Police Station June 4, 1999, 9:30 am.

Mr. Kimmer, you were stopped last night on Salem Road by Patrol Officer Grove because you appeared to be operating your vehicle in an unsafe manner. We are, of course, still waiting to hear from the lab about the results of your blood alcohol test, but because of the timing of this incident we need to ask you some questions regarding last night.

You were pulled over travelling south-west on Sarrett Road. We'd like it if you could tell us where else you drove that evening.

I spent the evening at a friend's house. I was just driving home.

Where does this friend live?

Out Coriander Road, a ways south and east of town. I think the number is 1035. Her name is Marianne Chass; look her up in the phone book.

Mr. Kimmer, you gave your address as 517 Newtown Road; how could you be driving home from Coriander Street to Newtown Road on Salem Road?

I just felt like driving; I like taking round-about ways.

Do you recall specifically where you drove during the time between your departure from Ms. Chass's house and and the time you were stopped by the police?

Well, it's a straight shot from Coriander to Salem; what could I have done but just drive down Coriander and turn left? This is ridiculous. How can it matter where exactly I drove?

We're interested because a young woman was found dead last night on a street near where you were driving. We need to know if you saw any pedestrians or other cars, or noticed anything at all unusual about the places you drove past.

Oh. I'm sorry--I didn't realize. Look, I'd like to be helpful, but I really don't remember anything in particular. I didn't notice anything, I didn't see anybody, I didn't hit anybody-I was just driving. The sun was low, there's nothing but cornfields to see anyway. That's really all I can say about it.

All right then. Just one more thing: I noticed that your car's right front headlight is broken. How did that happen?

Huh, that. Somebody hit my car in a parking lot one day and didn't leave a note or have me paged. I came back to my car and found the light broken.It happened last weekend. I just haven't gotten around to replacing it yet.