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Typical Results for Refractive Index Determination of Glass

Table 1. Index of Refraction Ranges for Several Types of Glasses
Glass Index of Refraction
Headlight glass 1.47-1.49
Television glass 1.49-1.51
Window glass 1.51-1.52
Bottles 1.51-1.52
Ophthalmic lenses 1.52-1.53

Table taken from Saferstein, R., Criminalistics Lab Manual, p. 30 (reference above).


Table 2. Index of Refraction for Specific Glasses
Glass Index of Refraction
Windshield glass 1 1.518
Windshield glass 2 1.520
Headlight glass from Toyota Celica 1.478
Headlight glass from Chevrolet Eurosport 1.488
Headlight glass from Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 1.488
Headlight glass from Toyota Corolla 1.478
Bottle glass from Lipton Iced Tea 1.524