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Cyclic voltammogram of phenol detection using zirconium modified sonogel-carbon electrode showed an irreversible response. Phenol in solution was only oxidized and not reduced. The fact that the modified electrode worked best at pH at 7.5 provided a great advantage to the real world application of the electrode since most contaminated water samples had a pH value near 7.5.Since only the modified electrode was able to detect the presence of phenol, this lead to a conclusion that zirconium oxide coating provided a suitable surface for electron transfer. Due to contamination of electrolyzed component on the electrode surface, it is highly discouraged to reuse the electrode. After a successful laboratory experiment, the students should be familiar with the operation of the potentiostat, how oxidation is represented in graphical form in a cyclic voltammogram, and construction of both bare and zirconium oxide coated sonogel-carbon electrodes. Emphasis on environmental applications of this sensor can be expounded upon as an in-class exercise.