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Electrochemical Detection of Phenol Utilizing a Sythesized Sonogel-Carbon Ziconium Oxide


The experiment described is part of an Inorganic Chemistry course for senior undergraduate students. It requires the synthesis of a sonogel-carbon electrode modified with a ZrO2 sol-gel and heated at high temperatures. The electrochemical response of the ZrO2 modified electrode was compared to that of an unmodified (bare) sonogel-carbon electrode to detect phenol. The students were required to determine if the modified electrode detects phenol with greater efficiency than bare electrode. The students gain electrochemical instrumentation skills and synthesis skills in the fabrication and testing of the modified electrode via the oxidation of phenol.


  • Suzanne K. Lunsford, Amber Yeary, PhoungKhanh Quoc Nguyen, Rachel Kingdom (Wright State University)