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A simple, quick and inexpensive method for pretreating GC disk electrodes without use of sonication has been demonstrated. The resulting electrodes have nearly reversible appearing CVs with the difference between the peak potentials near the theoretical value of 60 mV. In fact, this technique gives comparable results to more time consuming and complex techniques requiring multiple polishing and sonication (ΔEp= 67.7 mV and 121 mV), or vacuum heat treatment (ΔEp= 64.5 mV and 64 mV) [Refs. 10, 11]. In addition, a method has been described for retaining electrode activity for several hours (at least overnight) without polishing.

We are grateful to Dr. David J. Weiss (Department of Chemistry, The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 1420 Austin Bluff Pkwy, SB-1, Colorado Springs, CO 80918) for his contributions to this TechNote.