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Report (Data, analysis and discussion)

Consult with your lab instructor about contents and format. Suggested contents include graphs or plots, calculations, and answers to questions with supporting discussions.

  1. Show cyclic voltammograms of AA at “inactive” and “active” GC electrode.
  2. Graph of calibration plot of AA concentration vs. peak height.
  3. Example cyclic voltammogram of fruit juice sample.
  4. The concentration of AA in the fruit juice (how close is your value to that on the label).
  5. Show background CV of buffer and a background corrected CV of AA (one example will suffice).
  6. Discuss the scan rate dependence of peak height. Does it change according to a known relationship?
  7. Discuss the reason for the absence of a reverse wave when the potential is scanned from +600 mV to 0.0 V.
  8. Explain why AA serves as an antioxidant.
  9. Find the literature value for the reversible Eo of AA. Is the value close to what you observe experimentally? What are three (or more) possible reasons for the observed differences?