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Introduction to Optical Spectroscopy

  1. Know the 5 components necessary for building optical instruments for absorption and emission studies.

    Harvey, Figure 10.27

  2. Know the differences between continuum and line sources. Be able to give examples of each.

    For blackbody radiation sources, be able to calculate the wavelength maximum at different temperatures.

    Harvey 10.1.3

  3. Be able to explain the differences between filters and monochromators, i.e. the benefits and inferiorities of each.

    Harvey 10.1.3

  4. Be able to explain the two types of monochromators. (AES web page goes into significant depth for single detector spectrometers and multiple detector spectrometers)

    Harvey 10.3.1

  5. Know what factors contribute to choosing the slit width of a monochromator.

    AES web page goes into great depth