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Appendix 4: Peer and Self-Assessment of Laboratory Project

The information requested is CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with other members of the class.  It will be used to assess how well student assessment of the work on the laboratory projects agrees with my own.  These evaluations must be turned in with your laboratory report.

Please evaluate everyone’s contribution to the laboratory project, including your own, for each of the following criteria.  Provide a mark out of 10 for each category.

Evaluation Scale:

10-9     - Outstanding contribution

8-7       - Very good contribution

6-5       - Good contribution

4-3       - Fairly satisfactory contribution

2-1       - Unsatisfactory contribution

0          - No or virtually no contribution


A – Gathering preliminary literature

B – Helping to develop and write the project plan

C – Attendance

D – Undertaking a fair share of the work

E – Ability to generate good ideas/solve problems

F – Ability to arrive at consensus/overcome difficulties

G – Ability to facilitate the group’s efforts


Your name __________________________________________________

Name of person you are evaluating ___________________________________________

Category         Score               Comments















Any additional comments you wish to make about this person’s contribution to the project: