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Isothermal-isobaric and grand canonical ensembles

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  • Also useful are the isothermal-isobaric and grand canonical ensembles, which are defined just as they are for the classical cases:

    • isothermal-isobaric:

    \[\Delta(N,P,T) = \int_0^{\infty}dV e^{-\beta PV} Q(N,V,T) =\int_0^{\infty} dV {\rm Tr}(e^{-\beta (H+PV)})\]

    • grand canonical ensembles

    \[ {\cal Z}(\mu,V,T) = \sum_{N=0}^{\infty}e^{\beta \mu N}Q(N,V,T) = \sum_{N=0}^{\infty} {\rm Tr}(e^{-\beta (H-\mu N)})\]

    Contributors and Attributions

    Mark Tuckerman (New York University)

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