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1.11: Where should I look to learn more about NMR?

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  • It is hoped that this brief tutorial has provided sufficient background for you to understand the next section, focusing on practical aspects of quantitative NMR measurements. For further insights into NMR, the following websites and books are recommended. Many students find the e-book written by Professor Joseph Hornak at RIT to be especially useful since it contains embedded animations that illustrate many of the concepts introduced here.

    “The Basics of NMR” by Joseph P. Hornak,

    “Georgetown Graduate Course on NMR Spectroscopy” by Angel de Dios,

    "2D NMR Spectroscopy” by Marc Bria, Pierre Watkin and Yves Plancke,

    “Understanding NMR Spectroscopy” by James Keeler, John Wiley & Sons, 2005

    “High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry” by Timothy D. W. Claridge, Pergamon, Oxford, 1999.

    “Spin Choreography: Basic Steps in High Resolution NMR” by Ray Freeman, Oxford University Press (1999).

    “Modern NMR Spectroscopy: A Guide for Chemists”, 2nd Edition, by Jeremy K. M. Sanders and Brian K. Hunter, Oxford University Press, 1993.

    "200 and More NMR Experiments: a Practical Course” by Stephan Berger and Siegmar Braun, Wiley-VCH, 2004.

    “Basic One- and Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy" by Horst Friebolin, Wiley-VCH, 2004.

    "Experimental Pulse NMR: A Nuts and Bolts Approach" by Eiichi Fukushima and Stephen B. W. Roeder, Perseus Publishing, 1993.

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