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1: Introduction

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  • „Today“, Mr. K. complained, „Scores of people claim in public that they can type sizeable books entirely on their own, and this is universally accepted. The Chinese philosopher Chuan-Tzu, when already at his prime age, brushed a tome of one hundred thousand words with nine out of ten being citations. Such books cannot be written anymore, since wit is missing. Hence, only by the tools of a single man thoughts are produced, whereas he feels lazy if their number is low. Indeed, no thought can be reused and no expression be cited. How little they all need for their doings! A pen and some paper is all they have to show! And without any help, with only the puny material that a single man can carry on his arms, they set up their huts! They don’t know of larger buildings than a loner can raise.” - Freely translated from: Bertolt Brecht, Geschichten vom Herrn Keuner

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