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CO24. Solutions to Selected Problems, CO10-18

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    CO24. Solutions to Selected Problems, Part B

    Problem CO10.1.


    Problem CO10.2.

    Problem CO11.1.

    Problem CO13.1.

    Problem CO13.2.

    Problem CO15.1.

    Problem CO15.2.

    Problem CO15.4.


    Problem CO15.5.

    Problem CO15.7.

    Problem CO15.8.

    Problem CO17.1.

    Problem CO17.6.

    Problem CO17.7.


    Problem CO18.1.

    Problem CO18.2.


    Problem CO18.3.

    Problem CO18.4.

    One of the keys in this problem is recognizing that in some steps, two different reactions are involved. For example, in the first box, there is an addition of a diol to a carbonyl followed by an ylide addition.

    Problem CO18.5.

    Problem CO18.6.

    Problem CO19.1.

    Problem CO19.2.

    Problem CO19.3.


    Problem CO19.4.

    Problem CO20.1.

    This page titled CO24. Solutions to Selected Problems, CO10-18 is shared under a CC BY-NC 3.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Chris Schaller.

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