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13.E: Unsaturated and Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Exercises)

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    Additional Exercises

    1. Classify each compound as saturated or unsaturated.

      1. 1a.jpg
      2. CH3C≡CCH3
    2. Classify each compound as saturated or unsaturated.

      1. 2a.jpg
      2. 2b.jpg
    3. Give the molecular formula for each compound.

      1. 3a.jpg
      2. 3b.jpg
    4. When three isomeric pentenes—X, Y, and Z—are hydrogenated, all three form 2-methylbutane. The addition of Cl2 to Y gives 1,2-dichloro-3-methylbutane, and the addition of Cl2 to Z gives 1,2-dichloro-2-methylbutane. Draw the original structures for X, Y, and Z.

    5. Pentane and 1-pentene are both colorless, low-boiling liquids. Describe a simple test that distinguishes the two compounds. Indicate what you would observe.

    6. Draw and name all the alkene cis-trans isomers corresponding to the molecular formula C5H10. (Hint: there are only two.)

    7. The complete combustion of benzene forms carbon dioxide and water:

      C6H6 + O2 → CO2 + H2O

      Balance the equation. What mass, in grams, of carbon dioxide is formed by the complete combustion of 39.0 g of benzene?

    8. Describe a physiological effect of some PAHs.

    9. What are some of the hazards associated with the use of benzene?

    10. What is wrong with each name? Draw the structure and give the correct name for each compound.

      1. 2-methyl-4-heptene
      2. 2-ethyl-2-hexene
      3. 2,2-dimethyl-3-pentene
    11. What is wrong with each name?

      1. 2-bromobenzene
      2. 3,3-dichlorotoluene
      3. 1,4-dimethylnitrobenzene
    12. Following are line-angle formulas for three compounds. Draw the structure and give the name for each.

      1. 12a.jpg
      2. 12b.jpg
      3. 12c.jpg
    13. Following are ball-and-stick molecular models for three compounds (blue balls represent H atoms; red balls are C atoms). Write the condensed structural formula and give the name for each.

      1. 13a.jpg
      2. 13b.jpg
      3. 13c.jpg


      1. unsaturated
      2. unsaturated
      1. C6H10
      2. C4H8
    1. Add bromine solution (reddish-brown) to each. Pentane will not react, and the reddish-brown color persists; 1-pentene will react, leaving a colorless solution.

    1. 2C6H6 + 15O2 → 12CO2 + 6H2O; 132 g

    1. carcinogenic, flammable

      1. number not needed
      2. can’t have two groups on one carbon atom on a benzene ring
      3. can’t have a substituent on the same carbon atom as the nitro group
      1. CH3CH=CHCH2CH2CH3; 2-hexene
      2. Ans 13b.jpg
      3. Ans 13c.jpg