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5: Group 12 Elements

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    • 5.1: Organometallic Compounds of Zinc and Cadmium
      The synthetically important organometallic compounds of group 13 and 14 masked the growth of group 15 elements. However, the organoelement compounds of phosphorus, arsenic and antimony find usefulness as ligands in transition metal chemistry due to their σ-donor and π-acceptor abilities which can be readily tuned by simply changing the substituents.
    • 5.2: Organometallic Compounds of Mercury
      Dialkylmercury compounds are very versatile starting materials for the synthesis of many organometallic compounds of more elctropositive metals by transmetallation. However, owing to high toxicity of alkylmercury compounds, other synthons are preferred. In striking contrast to the high sensitivity of dimethylzinc to oxygen, dimethylmercury survives exposure to air.