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Lecture Demonstration

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  • Demonstration of Charles' Law

    The volume of a 1 L Florence flask and rubber hose is 1125 mL (fill with water, get volume, then empty). The flask is connected to a 15 mL Pipette used as a water manometer, which in turn is connected to a leveling bulb. The flask is immersed in a 3 L low form beaker of room temperature (25oC) water, and the manometer connected, and the levelling jar adjusted so the water levels are equal and Pgas = Patmosphere. Read the volume. About 30 g of ice is added to the water to lower the temperature a degree or two. The water levels are adjusted, and the new volume determined.

    Calculate ΔT/ΔV = ~0.267 oC/mL

    To reach V = 0, must decrease 1125 mL * 0.267 oC/mL = 300 oC

    Absolute zero = 25oC - 300 = -275oC