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8.6.2: Boiling Points of Some Organic Compounds Whose Molecules Contain 32 or 34 Electrons

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  • Name Projection Formula Type of Compound Boiling Point in degrees C
    Isobutane alt Branched Alkane -10.2
    n-Butane alt Normal Alkane -0.5
    Methyl ethyl ether alt Ether 10.8
    Methyl Formate alt Ester 31.5
    Propanal alt Aldehyde 48.8
    Acetone alt Ketone 56.2
    2-Propanol alt Alcohol 82.4
    1-Propanol alt Alcohol 82.4
    Acetic Acid alt Carboxylic acid 117.9
    Ethylene Glycol alt Dialcohohl (two OH groups) 198

    This table shows the boiling points of organic compounds of similar size. This, then, provides a good means of comparing intermolecular forces of different structure types. In general, decreasing branching, increasing polarity, and increasing hydrogen bonding opportunities increases the boiling point. This makes sense, as all three of these contribute to increase intermolecular forces.

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