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Lecture Demonstrations

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  • "Spectrum Glasses"

    Observe aquarium lights (long, thin, vertically mounted tungsten bulbs) and similar shaped socket mounted fluorescent lamps through "Rainbow Glasses" or "Spectrum Glasses" to see the difference between continuous and line spectra. Typical "Spectrum Tubes" available from scientific suppliers, and a variety of colored lamps may also be used.

    Sources: American Paper Optics, Inc. Bartlett, TN 901.381.1515; 800.767.8427 ;

    Rainbow Symphony, Inc.,6860 Canby Ave. Suite 120 • Reseda · CA · 91335; (818) 708-8400 (818) 708-8400 • (818) 708-8470 (818) 708-8470 Fax

    Light Energy

    Show that atoms are the transducers of energy from all forms to light energy;

    1. heat energy in, light out: Flame Tests

    2. UV in, light out: phosphorescence

    3. chemical energy in, light out: chemiluminescence (glow sticks, luminol, etc.)

    4. electrical energy in: neon signs, lights (as above)