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6: Reaction Types, Design, and Efficiency

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    • 6.1: Introduction to Reactions
      A budding green chemist such as yourself will investigate how a chemical will undergo one or more treatments to produce a needed product in a manner consistent with the dogmas of GC. Typically, any chemist is chiefly interested in the concepts of yield and specificity, namely, how efficiently is the conversion done based on a theoretical yield and how exactingly is it done (with respect to a series of products).
    • 6.2: Reaction Concepts
      Reaction types are significant to all fields of chemistry because they are what characterize any transformation from starting materials to products. In the pantheon of reactions, we tend to focus on functional group creation and atom transformation.
    • 6.3: Reaction Design Concepts
      Green chemistry is all about increasing the overall efficiency of a reaction in terms of numerous criteria. In general, we try to mimic biological reactions because they are among the most efficient, low energy, and atom conserving reactions at our disposal.
    • 6.4: Conclusions and Review