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Statement of Marjorie K. Stroh

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  • Statement of Marjorie Stroh, owner of Marzipan, 3:00 pm, November 3

    Did Deborah Forsythe purchase a cake from you recently?

    Yes, a chocolate sheet cake for her friend's birthday. We delivered it yesterday, actually.

    Would you describe the cake?

    Certainly. It was a standard design. The base frosting was white, and there were two groups of light peach decorator's flowers with green leaves in diagonally opposite corners of the cake. It had regular white frosting garnishes along the edges. The message is written in light green icing across the top of the cake. I believe this one just said "Happy Birthday Julia."

    Do you know at what time yesterday the cake was delivered?

    Around ten o'clock in the morning, it would have been. I delivered everything yesterday because my son, who usually does the delivery runs, was out sailing with some friends.

    Were you acquainted with Julia Rochester?


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