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Gravimetric Analysis: Calculations

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    1) 0.1948 g of a Cu (F.W. = 63.54) Ag (F.W. = 107.87) alloy was dissolved in HNO3. An excess of IO3- was added and the metals precipitated as AgIO3 (F.W. =282.77) and Cu(IO3)2 (F.W. = 413.34).

    The dried final mass of the precipitate was 0.7225 g, what was the original percent composition of the alloy?








    2) 4.37 g of a solid containing Ce4+ was dissolved and treated with excess iodate (IO3-) to precipitate Ce(IO3)4. The precipitate was collected, washed well, dried and ignited to produce 0.104 g of CeO2 (FW = 172.114 g/mol). What was the wt % of Ce in the original solid?














    3) 1.00g of an unknown liquid hydrocarbon was combusted to determine its composition.  3.3805g of CO2 was collected and 0.6919g of H2O was collected.

    What is the percent composition of C and H in the sample?








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