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Mathematics & Measurements 2 (Worksheet)

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    Work in groups on these problems. You should try to answer the questions without referring to your textbook. If you get stuck, try asking another group for help.

    1. Express the following in ordinary decimal form or scientific notation. The first line has been completed as an example.

    Ordinary Decimal Form

    Scientific Notation

    0.683 kg

    6.83 x 10–1 kg

    1365 s

    1.034 x 101 m

    300 000 000 ms–1

    (1.75 x 105) (2.0 x 105)

    1605 + 3.22 x 102


    How many significant figures in the numeric value would be appropriate for each of the following using inches, pounds and miles respectively?

    a) Your height

    b) Your weight

    c) The speed of a car as read from a speedometer

    d) Evaluate each of the following expressions. Write your answers in scientific notation and with the correct number of significant figures.

    6.42 x 104 + 3.5 x 103 =

    (5 x 102) x (8.0 x 103) =

    (2.00 x 105)/(4.0 x 103) =

    (4.00 x 10–2)3 =

    Answer each of the following questions and justify each answer.

    a. Is your mass (weight) best expressed in kilograms, grams, or milligrams?

    b. Is the volume of a typical drinking glass best expressed in kiloliters, liters, or milliliters?

    c. Is the length of a football field best expressed in kilometers, meters, or millimeters?

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