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14.1: Abbreviations Used

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  • Ph = Phenyl group, or clipboard_e0ad9e240a617abf35c5504b149c9585c.pngExample: Phenyl chloride clipboard_e8ace7d2bff88bc037a5f54abd6b60b93.pngor PhCl

    Ar = Aryl group, or clipboard_edf3bcab8768ad1e45aeadb2fd97f56a9.pngS is a substituent on the benzene ring  Example: Aryl chloride clipboard_e38f594409e83c6f7fc1717a29ac2bb74.pngor ArCl.   

    The nature and position of S may remain unspecified


    Ac = Acyl group, or clipboard_eabc5d282ece54e7fd5dc1f1c9dd658e2.pngExample: Acyl chloride clipboard_e620707ecc17f3ad0a7c6c858df36cbf5.pngor AcCl

    AcO = Acetoxy group, or clipboard_e45a7a72e4e5febf2a16fae559407bcfe.pngExample: Acetic acid clipboard_e7ad45528ea639b2d2a382bdc566c5c92.png or AcOH

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