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1.3: Proposed General Topics

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    (Must be narrowed down further)

    Forensic chemistry


    Drug design and Pharmaceuticals


    Chemistry of lethal injections

    Poisons and venoms

    Photographic chemicals

    Chemistry of cosmetics

    Organometallic catalysts

    Essential oils and perfumes

    Herbal medicine

    Specialty fuels (race cars, jets, space shuttles)

    Polymers and fashion (synthetic fabrics)

    Organic semiconductors

    Dyes and chemistry of colors

    Soaps and detergents

    Hormones and behaviour

    Chemical warfare agents

    Biological warfare agents


    Organic antioxidants

    Vitamins and cofactors

    Chemicals for art preservation

    Magnetic resonance imaging

    Sex pheromones

    Chirality and biological activity

    Spices and chemistry of flavors

    Organic metals (molecular conductors)

    Chemistry of brewing and winemaking

    Molecular basis of odor

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